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Lake Ogascanan Lodge Lake Ogascanan Lodge and Outposts - Quebec Canada
Drive-in 60 miles,

2 1/2 hours.
Tour our Island Outposts
Hot running-water showers

Opening:  May 18th, 2018
 A Quebec fishing lodge with outpost camps located deep within Quebec's rugged outback.
And getting better! We're building new to give you more.

Lake Ogascanan is 15 miles long with numerous long, narrow, sheltered bays that provide interesting shorelines to fish. It gets its name from the native word for fish hatchery. Ogascanan is a natural hatchery for Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout. 
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map of the lake ]   Quebec fishing at its finest!

spacer_01.gif (825 bytes) IMPORTANT TO KNOW.....

When you're looking for a quality fishing lake, ask these questions:
Is the lake easy to get to?
Are there towns close by?
Are there private cottage leases?
Are there year-round residents living on the lake?
Is it a restricted area ... or is it free-public access?
Are there other lodges/ outfitters on the lake?
Is the fishery protected?
Ogascanan is Different ..... It's better ... and here's why:
Remote - 2.5 hours on the bush road!
No towns close by!
There are no private cottage leases!
Nobody lives there; we are the ONLY land owners!
Restricted access - controlled zone! No free-public access!
We are the ONLY lodge operation on the lake!
The fishery is protected by law!
  • Law prohibits winter fishing!
  • Law demands the release of smaller and bigger walleye!
These Differences.....
Set Ogascanan apart from many other lakes.
Account for Ogascanan being a better fishery than most.
Ensure fisherman that time invested learning Ogascanan, is time well spent.
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The fish pictures in this website substantiate the fishery ... we show you quality and quantity. Look through the site, check out the fish, and look again. Our pictures are dated to show you an accurate representation of the fishing NOW. We hope you'll compare them with others. At Ogascanan you'll have the opportunity to catch lots of fish and big fish ... and we're going to help you.

 Lake Ogascanan Lodge - Quebec
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If you’re looking for a lake with great fishing, Ogascanan has it.
This site will show you our accommodations; most are new. Three generations of outfitting experience guarantees great service. Rest assured, we are far off the beaten path in God’s country....... a perfect, natural, wilderness setting. Come and join us to create some great new memories with friends, family, and fishing buddies.

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Lake Ogascanan Lodge 2018 Brochure

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